Male English Bulldogs

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE ONE OF OUR MALES FOR BREEDING FEEL FREE TO CALL ME AT 918-427-4371 OR 479-629-0748-We can also ship our males sperm to your vet!



         This is Cosmic,he is a gorgeous dark Red and White English Bulldog! He has short legs and a short body. He also has a nice square head with a large rope across his nose and a lot of wrinkles all over his head.And he has such a loveable personality!( He IS NOT related to Thunder).If you are looking for a nice looking stud he is your man,we can also ship his sperm to your vet over night.Our contact numbers are 918-427-4371 or 479-629-0748. The fee to use him is $400.
  ----   Cosmic
         This Is Rebel,he is a beautiful blue brindle and white male French Bulldog.He has a large rope across his nose,and he has a nice square head.Feel free to call me if you are interested in using him for breeding at 918-427-4371 or 479-629-0748.We had his blood tested to see what colors he would throw,and he does throw the blues,we also had his sperm tested and he is ready to be used.We have had several litters from him and they are all beautiful babies! We can also ship his sperm to you over night if you need us to.The fee to use him is $500.
   This is Thunder,he is a beautiful fawn and white male English Bulldog.He has a Huge head and a large rope across his nose.He is getting older now but still can be used for breeding,feel free to call me if you would like to use this beautiful male for breeding at 479-629-0748 or 918-427-4371.